Friday, September 30, 2011

Turning 2!

Before we get to his party, we were so happy to have my mom, Benji's Mimi, here with us for his birthday! He're a picture of "Mimi" and Maddi!

3 Generations of Beautiful Women!!

Maddi the water baby lovin the pool!

Benji riding his Thomas Pillow he got for his birthday.

Benji in his Thomas bed after his birthday party... Thomas Jammies, Thomas Pillow, Thomas blanket... what a happy boy!

Benji just turned 2 September 4th. We had a fun party which ended at the Orem pool, because Benji loves swimming!

Here is our little family in the pool! As you can see, Benji's ready to swim away! Maddi also really enjoyed swimming!

Here is Benji's party. With his cousins Josh and Zach in the background. As you can tell Benji LOVES fire ;) He's trying to figure out why his Thomas was on fire! I had lots of fun making Benji's Thomas/Elmo cake, but it was really hard to keep Benji from destroying it before the party. He really wanted to play with it!

Here is Benji opening some presents from Mommy, Daddy, and his grandparents later that night (we didn't want the books and cloth presents to get dirty and the park).

He REALLY didn't want to get closer to the candle to blow it Mommy and Daddy helped.

Benji LOVED his new cars. He wouldn't let any of his friends or cousins touch them...we're still working on the concept of sharing :).

Here they are some more pictures of my two precious children! These were when Maddi was first born, in June. Benji LOVES holding Maddi, luckily he quickly got the idea he has to be sitting to do so.

And here is my "cool dude" hangin out his has carseat with his Auntie Valerie!

She's here....4 months ago!

Yep, that's me, the unreliable blogger. :)

Madelyn Rose Beacham was born May 26th 2011 at 4:55 am. She was 8 lbs. 6 oz. (just 1 oz bigger than Benji) and 20.5 inches long (1 inch shorter). Now at 4 months she is 14 lbs 6 oz. and 24.5 inches long. She is in the 60th percentile in both height and weight. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

She loves to smile, especially at her Daddy and big brother Benji! Her current "hobbies" are rolling around on the floor, doing push-ups and blowing rasberries (she could do this ALL DAY). She is a very happy girl and is slowly getting used to sleeping all night (some nights we make it, others we don't). We are so happy to have her in our home, it wouldn't be the same without her!

I know this post is a little late, but better late than never...right!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Pictures :) and Christmas 2010

Okay so I am finally posting again, it seems like I am saying this everytime :). First we have some pictures from Christmas in Ohio, then the family pictures we also took in Ohio.
Just promise you will ignore all the pictures of me :) As soon as this precious little girl comes in May, I will be getting rid of ALL my baby weight (both babies).

As you can tell, Benji LOVES Balls, Ball pits and anything ROUND!! This was probably the happiest hour in his life when he got to play in this ball pit!
He also has a serious thing for bananas! He can even say Nana, now :)

And he can point out both your nose and his!
Again, the serious obsession with balls! He managed to get my mom's exercise ball out of her bedroom. He also REALLY enjoys bouncing on them (which daddy's help of course).

Here are some of our "professional" photos. All the kids and grandkid.

The whole Wilke clan.

Beacham Family.

Beacham Family again, we couldn't get Benji to smile for ANYTHING! He even ended up holding his teddy in a picture just to keep him happy.

Here is the picture we took at my parents house, AFTER the "photographers" pictures.

Baby Girl Beacham will be here in May, and we are excited! I am also excited, I have begun to volunteer as an indexer for Family Search. Its great because I can do it from my computer at home!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Big boy!!!

So I can't believe it's been months and I haven't posted in forever!!! I have post I created and never even published in JUNE! But here is a Beacham Family Update!!!

For Halloween Rodney and Benji were "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Ohh my!" I was going to join them, but never got a Lion costume together. So we just used a stuffed Lion instead :) Benji became very skilled at picking out his candy and dropping it in his pumpkin :)

Here we are at REIC's Halloween/Trick or Treating party.
Here is my sweet little boy Benji!

Here is our new office space!

The most exciting thing for me lately has been watching my little boy grow up!! He is now 15 mo. old and is doing amazing things each day! He now walks like a pro, and climbs like a monkey :) He is also adding lots of new words to his vocabulary every day! His favorite new word is HI, he loves saying it and having everyone say hi back. He also loves to say
"ball" and "teddy", he mimics things occationally, but these are the only things he says regulary (besides mama and dada). Benji is still incredibly attached to his blankets (he has two matching ones, a green and a blue), particulary the tags. As you can see above, he loves smiling for the camera!

Rodney and I are excited, our Christmas present to ourselves was we got a new office. Not wanting to change the structure of our home, we bought some nice cubicle office space and put it in our living room! Now we are finally able to move the office out of our bedroom (which made it very cramped.
Also, for those of you who have not caught the announcements, Rodney and I are expecting Baby Beacham #2 in May of 2011!!! We are very excited to find out the gender in January!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will I ever sleep again?

I was sad for little Benji because he was up the other night...well, now on top of it we both have nasty colds. I always seem to catch everything Benji gets. I really need to get my immune system up and running better! Seriously!

So Saturday night I was up most of the night with poor little Benji. Well because of my all nighter I caught a nasty cold (I think from Benji). And I have slept very little the last two nights. Okay, I'm complaining...but I'm tired!!!!! Last night my nose was dripping so bad (I know TMI) that is woke me up at least every half hour! ARG!

I am also starting to doubt if he was even teething. Janine says his gums were swollen, but I can't tell. But I bow to the expert! So poor little man has sore mouth and a cold. SAD! Anyway, while he is sleeping I am going to post some videos we have taken since we got our new video camera. YEA!

This one was so funny, he found one of my old Rainbow Brite pals and was just going crazy :)

A cute one with Rodney.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Benji spring pictures

So while my sister Valerie was in town we took Benji out front and snapped some "spring pictures" of him. I , of course, forgot about them until today. So here are some of the cutest ones!!

This is probably the only boy outfit I have ever seen in a store that I just had to have because it is SO cute! Luckily it was on sale so I could actually get it :)
Cool Dude

He's even learning to pose himself!

Sorry, I'm too lazy to turn this right side up :)

"PLECH" And that's what I think of Easter.

Christmas 2009 Seattle

I was looking back on all my previous posts and I realized that I never posted our christmas vacation to Seattle. Whoops!! Its hard to believe how small he was looking back at those pictures. So just 5 months is our Christmas...
This Christmas we spend it Seattle with Rodney's parents. They were wonderful to open their home to all of us (15 total!). We had lots of fun in Seattle, we went to Pike Place Market, took a ferry to Whidby Island, learned to make some wonderful Thai dishes (thank you Suzi), and visited the Seattle Temple and did some work for our ancestors! We also got to spend lots of time with our family together! Here are some pictures!
Daddy and Benji getting on the Ferry!
Auraleen (Rodney's sister) and daughter Aubrey on Ferry

Benji in new Bumbo and with a Christmas present

Benji Santa :)

Our Christmas Pagent (Benji was our Jesus, but not in this pic, and Ruby was a sheep)

Benji posing with his presents

Baby Rambo!

So our dear little boy is already 8 months old. Its really hard to believe sometimes how fast time flies. It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital in labor....but maybe that's just the after effects. Anyway, our dear little Benjamin is not content with just crawling around, he is now pulling himself up and trying to walk around.

Since about 6 1/2 months he has shown a great interest in standing. He would crawl over to me and claw at my feet crying "mamamamamamama" until I would reach down and help him up. Then he would spend his next 10-20 minutes trying to chew on anything in reach. The computer...the camera...papers...and especially my cell phone. He was pretty good at balancing himself, but he just couldn't get to a standing position.

About 2 weeks ago, just after my parents left town, he suddenly began to pull himself up. Day 1 he figured out how to pull himself up, we congratulated him and cheered him on. We took lots of pictures, as parents do, and even filmed him with our new video camera (see below). But Day 2 was a surprise, that even all my years of child care couldn't predict. Suddenly my little baby boy turned into Baby Rambo! He was army crawling all over the house, standing up using anything available. Crawling over toys, under toys, using toys and stepping stools, yanking toys off the shelf, and just all and all going CRAZY! I couldn't believe it! What happened to my little boy who used to be content just staring at one toy and chewing on it. All of a sudden his play area has become a disaster area, a hazardous waste dump. Horror of horrors, I actually have to pick up after him!!!!! I just can't believe how quickly he is growing up.

On top of that, he has finally begun teething. According to my mom, my siblings and I were late teethers...about 10 months. So 8 months isn't too bad. Yes, I have heard all the horror stories of teething, but WOW! The first night wasn't too bad, you could tell something was up, he was up for a couple hours Friday night, but overall okay. Saturday he wouldn't really eat, and we found out his gums were swollen, so we knew he was officially "teething". But WOW, Saturday night was crazy. He slept until about 1am (about the time we got to bed) and then was up screaming until almost 5 am. He slept with me on the lovesack, and would fall asleep long enough for me to doze off, then he would wake up screaming. (and keep in mind that this was after tylenol and oragel). Around 5:30 he finally took a bottle and fell asleep in his crib. YEA!!! So I got a good 2 hours of sleep before having to get up for church. I would imagine that is what a hangover might feel like. BLLLLECCCHHHHH! And of course it was my week to teach Gospel Essentials, so I had to be in church ( no matter how bad a felt), and Rodney got to spend Sunday School in the hall with an extremely grumpy baby :). Luckily I have a wonderful husband who sent me to bed with earplugs while he watched Benji this afternoon. Allowing me to get 3 more hours of sleep!

Benji DAY 1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Bath time

Benjamin got a bath today after spitting up all over himself. (Then later Mommy got a bath after he spit up all over her! BTW, grossest thing ever, he spit up in my MOUTH!!! YECK!!!)

I had to put a couple of the pictures up because he is so cute in the bath. He is really starting to enjoy it! Splashing around and chasing his toys around the tub!! Yea for bath time!

Chasing his toys!!

Caught by surprise!

Cutest picture! Can you see the heart!!

Wow, look at all of those wrinkles!!! He's not even that chubby!

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa Wilke

Here are some of the wonderful pictures Mom took while she was here!!!

He really wanted to get to the camera!

This one is so my favorite!!! What a beautiful boy! He totally looks like he is posing!

I also like this one, he looks like some mischievous little elf!

Laughing with Grandma!

This last week we enjoyed a wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa Wilke (Mom and Dad). And its still weird to think of them as Grandma and Grandpa Wilke.

Dad was in town for a work convention in SLC, and Mom decided to come along and play with us!!! It was lots of fun!! We took them out for their anniversary Friday night when they arrived. We also had lots of fun playing Dance Dance Revolution on Saturday morning (too bad we didn't get any pictures!). We also went out to dinner with Bob and Shirleen, and Mike and Sharrie.

Sunday we had a nice dinner with some family! And we had LOTS of fun playing games. So much fun that we played much later then we had planned! We are so excited to have another fun game night in two weeks!

We took lots of walks in the Orem Mall, we also got to eat at Iceburg a couple times (Mom and Dad had to get their Iceburg fix while they were here!!). Yea for Triple Berry Shakes (Mmmmmm!!!) We also got to take a nice trip to the Temple (thank you Auraleen for watching Benji).

Best of all, Mom, Dad, AND Valerie are coming again in April for school/Women's Conference/Nathan's graduation!!! YEAAA!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Growing UP!

So its hard to believe that Benji is almost 6 months old! He has been growing SOO fast! And he is eager to get moving! He is now getting up on his hands and knees regularly, and sometimes his hands and feet (in a triangle :). He is beginning to get around, he is much happier during "tummy time" because he can move around. Sunday he scooted 6 feet across our living room! Its not a full blown crawl yet, but he is enjoying his freedom!

The other day Benjamin grabbed his blanket and rolled, he rolled himself up in his blanket. When I bent down to uncover his face, this was the picture I got! I love it!!! It is on my phone and EVERYTHING! SO PRECIOUS!

Things are going well for us. Rodney is continuing to enjoy his job and is doing very well! We have recently lease optioned both of his homes, which makes bill paying much simpler for us! I am finally getting over the anemia that I had during the month of January, and I am feeling much better! Yeah for energy!

Benjamin Joseph 8 mo.

Benjamin Joseph 8 mo.
Great pose

Madelyn Rose- 3 weeks

Madelyn Rose- 3 weeks

Benjamin Jospeh Beacham

Benjamin Jospeh Beacham
Benji 1 day old!